Dear friends of the earth plane.

Det här är förord till boken Voices from the unseen world. Det är ett esoterisk innehåll om vår själ och det esoteriska livet i andevärlden. Skriften  är på det engelska språket och det är så jag får det från min samarbetspartner i andevärlden.

This is the preface to the book Voices from the unseen world. It is an esoteric content about our soul and the esoteric life in spiritual world. The writing is in the English language, that is how I get it from my partner in the spirit world


We do have opportunity to speak to you with this words that the medium receive from us. This is with great dedication we start this work together and we wish that many of you on the earth plane want to listen to our words and what we are going to speak about. We that you called us in the spirit world is more that you can imagine in your daily consciousness and that would we speak about. We also have other subject that we know the soul of the human kind want to explore.

This book is going to take some time but we have the time. It`s so many things we are going to talk about. It`s not only me who have the opportunity to talk, there are other who have a special faculty and are going to join in but they are at first talking to me and after that can the medium receive that. Why do you may think? It`s because we see that there is some balance in the energy that we want to receive when we work with the medium.
When we work with the medium we see that she is not in a wake mode. She thinks that she is awake as in daily life but what you can see is that we come closer to here conscious mind and we influence the mind. Her own thoughts are in a way in the back of the conscious mind. We can talk like this in hours when we have built the strength between us and you can see that we also can use her arm to write so it not has to be from her mind. That is two possibilities that we have to take on the consideration but we can see that there are good for the medium to listen also to the words we have to say.

In the earthly life.

The human kind think often that the world is about the earth and the life they live there. But we shall talk about that there are only a small piece of that life. The human offers themselves to religions and that is often because they feel in their souls that the picture is bigger than the earthly life. Now you may think that is all we have, but it’s not. We are going to describe for your different lives that the human souls can develop, develop yes! It is all about develop, that’s the key!

We are going to take you back to the humanity the force of life.
When a baby is born, they have been in an etheric world and that is often very terrifying for people to think that the souls from a baby can be older than their own parents. In the etheric life there are soul’s existence. There are groups of souls living together as a plant. One of the souls can make experiences and come back to the etheric world to give the group that experiences. Often can people on earth recognize that sort of things, déjà vu for example, afterlife that you call reincarnation, but you see it’s a group soul experience You may now say that you know that you have lived an earthly life before and yes you may have had, but only a piece of your group soul have been here and that could have happened thousands of times, you see. But the whole soul is something more and the knowledge your soul has is only for your own.


What is your soul?

When a baby been born on earth do they have a soul? Yes, they have and there are two aspects of that. One is what the group soul has been talking about to experience in the world of matter and the second what the own soul has discover about themselves and what decision they have made with the force of life.
Many things are hidden for the human but you see there are not hidden because they have to be there, it’s only because of that you live the life in a plane that not receive the information from the source of the life eternity. If the human understand how they could receive it, it shouldn’t be any problem from that point. You have to understand when you live your life in a world of matter it’s in another lifetime or the timetable scheme is in another frequency. When people who live on earth understand the law they can receive more from the unseen world already from earth plane.

To understand the soul in itself it is in a way to understand the water drop in an ocean because there are so many aspects of the souls. Can you imagine a stone with facets and they have different sides? You can see the stone from different view and you can see new things whenever you look at the stone. You may see colour, you may see things inside the stone it may look like leaf, animal, flower, grass, cloudy clouds, sunshine. You have the stone and you move it around in your hand and look at it with your eyes, in that movement, more inside you come to a conclusion about what you see and this is your mind start to talk with you.

You may see the history about the stone deep inside you and there is another talk. The soul is talking but how do you know it is your soul talking? The soul gives you different shapes inside you when the soul speaking about the stone. It gives you knowledge, it gives you knowledge that you normally don't have in your daily life. For instance, the energy about the stone, what brings the colour that you see in the stone to you, how do you feel, react with the stone when you hold it in your hand. The soul is speaking to you, now you might say that is my feeling. Yes, it is but this is deeper than that.
You have the emotions and that is the battery to the soul, the battery who gives you fuel to the whole body and to the consciousness you have. The soul is speaking to you, now you might say that is my feeling. Yes, it is but this is deeper than that. You have the emotions and that is the battery to the soul, the battery who gives you fuel to the whole body and to the consciousness you have.

Now it becomes complicated you think but it's not, it is simple. The physical body is like a car, you have a fancy car with certain name or a little car, simple car, expensive car but it’s only the shelter of what you can see. It is in the engine who thinks, work together and its almost the same in all cars. Inside the humans there is a force, life force and that force is always in connect with the etheric world where the souls come from.
People on earth have difficulties to understand what the soul are, what the soul purpose are on the earthly life but also in the world of spirits. The essence of human soul is beyond the earthly life, is beyond the world of matter. Instead you have to think in a new direction, you have to think about that the soul are a drop in an ocean, if you can imagine a drop and when the sun reflected the drop, you may see different kind of colours and the colours can also be blend with each other and become new colours.

Every soul on earth have a purpose but the human on earth have forgotten. When we open the door to us, the human start to think about the life, purpose, what do they want in life, that is one of the doors, we have to give answer to you.
There are plenty of other doors to you and you have to knock on them yourself and when you have made this knock, you might get the answer from us. But you may understand that the doors are hidden deep inside you and some of you have not considered or have a feeling of this because the human have a side in himself.
That are the self-talk, the ego, and the ego it’s something else than the soul. The ego can be express an another drop inside the human to understand the self, that I am, I am in a body and you need that when you are on earth. When you come to us again to your soul group you don’t need it any more.

You have to understand that the human on earth is a remarkable with his or her expressions. The engine of your soul is the spirit, the spirit in you, is all of who you are but also what you can be. You have to think of many possibilities, of mankind the consciousness that you have, you’re thinking in your daily life is only a bit piece of you. You may think in a world of matter that all you have become as in career, family is what you have, but you see that is only a little part of you.
In your soul you have the spirit. The spirit of you and you have to understand it is more of you. You can see like this, this is what I am but I am much more than I can see of me.

In spirit world and in the world of matter is two different things and you see when you think, you think as a world of matter. But in your soul you also have you in a world of spirit. The knowledge you can see are in a world of spirit, the knowledge about you. The knowledge of you and the spirit in you is like an ocean
But now you may think, how can I understand this and how can I learn more about me?
The answer is quite simple and that is the way of looking of yourself as a spirit person. Spirit in person is a better way to say.
We are going to take this talk much deeper.

Continue! on the mysteries of the hidden keys in the soul.
This is only a preface and will be published.
Det här är endast förord och mer  kommer publiceras i bokform