Series of lectures given from spirit communicator through trance mediumship. 

To understand colour inspired from the nature

Lecture and introduction to the theme
Colour and the nature have been a subject I was interested in when I was on earth. I was interested in the nature because it gives you something more. I spend time in the nature, and it was important for me to understand more about life.
To understand more about life, I understood more about humans. If you going back in times when people lived more closer to the nature, when you look at minority groups who had live outside the modern civilization society, native Americans, they have a knowledge about the nature that the modern society has forgotten.
When I lived on earth plane, I took my time off even if I worked a lot for the service to the spiritual world and people on earth.
I took my time off in the simple moments as a break between lectures. I walked out in the garden and could be inspired from a flower or from a tree. I sat down with the tree and stilled my mind and to be aware of how the tree spoke to me.
This is not so difficult because everything has a vibration. Your soul has a vibration and if you still your mind and feel into a tree, you can feel the soul of that tree and how the tree spoke to your soul.
You can learn a lot from that, you can receive answers as, is it a happy tree, do the tree have the power, do the tree have enough sunshine. When you take your hand to hold on the tree and feel the surface, is it smooth or hard, the colour of the tree. Is it more of the brown, white, black?
What does the tree tell you?
When you spoke to the soul of the tree, you have the possibility to see the roots of the tree and how far the roots extend into the soil, how big are the roots?
When you look up at the top of the tree, to the leaves, what does the leaves say to you?
Which colour? Are they green? more red, do the tree have fruits?
What is the purpose of that tree? If the tree has fruits they are in service, everything comes from god. They give the love to give you fruits. Look at a red apple and you can feel the life, the power and full of life. Take the apple in your hand and feel the smell from the apple and the fragrance is wonderful and what does the apple say to you? Yes, it is saying eat me. That is the purpose of the apples.
Some other trees are so powerful and have lived hundreds of years and have an old soul. They can be so quiet, but it is possible to feel the heartbeat deep within the tree.
The leaves on that tree are green in the beginning but after time more with the colour of brown in the middle and they say to you, do not eat me because I am not tasteful, I am quite bitter. They have another purpose they stand strong in the storms and they stand in the colour of brown and they help mother earth, to give oxygen to all life on earth and power. They have another purpose. So, you can understand that you in the simplest way as take a walk, talk to the tree and see what new knowledge you can receive from the day.