Colour of blue 

Similarities of a lake and the human body
Take a deeper look of a lake and ask yourself, what is the purpose of the lake?
There are a lot of things going on in a lake, first of course there are plenty of microorganisms and then, take a look at humans and most of the human body consist of water and lot of things going on in the water body of humans.
Humans body are a lot more similar to a lake than you can imagine.
In the body you also have a lot of microorganisms with different tasks, like the lake.  Different microorganisms with important tasks travel around in the body and use liquid and water inside the system. this is similarities in a practical way.

How  humans react together with the colour of blue

Look at how you as a person react with the colour of blue.
You can feel that the blue colour can be a bit cold.
Put a finger or two in a lake in Scotland and it is very cold, you do not want to swim in a lake in Scotland. The Atlantic Ocean are also very cold. Pacific Ocean is better.
When you a look at the colour of blue it can be many shapes of blue.
The colour of blue is good for your mind.
The colour of blue helps to still your mind, not dark blue.
Your mind become more and more still like the surface of a lake, only to look at an image of a lake.
The mind react of the colour of blue, the stillness and the colour are cooperating with the humans consciousness and if you have a lot going on in your mind, overheating or fever and when  you put a handkerchief with cold water on the neck  or on your feet , chilling you down and you feel better in your head, interaction with the human body and consciousness.

Human have a natural closeness to the water and many people want to sit by the water when doing meditation. Because peoples water body have an interaction with the consciousness mind, and it is a natural process because the body consist mostly of water.
 This give harmony and people on earth  need to sit by the water, that  gives  good health, balance and if you are overheated in your brain as many people are in this time, they can sit by water, only to sit and cold the brain down.
When people are exhausted, they can sit by the water and only be there and connect with your soul to give an exchange.
when you are exhausted some people do think you have to clean your body and inner organs but you have the same result if you sit by the lake and then  tune in with your soul and physical body, the system tune into the essence of the lake.
How is it possible to go to the essence of the lake? It has a vibration like everything else, its only to sit and stilled your mind to tune into the lake.
Close your eyes and after a while open your eyes and look at the horizon and the surface. 
The  feet in the water and feel the water through your body and ask mother earth to clean your system with the water, clear as spring and you can sit as long as you need to recover your system.
 Give back to the spirit of the lake and do not use more water as you need.
 Give absent healing to the lake, land, forest, mountain to give back.
The colour of blue is much more because there many shapes of blue.
this is the essence of the colour of blue and how we can use the colour of blue in a simple way
Good exercise in a world of worries.
Marita Pettersson 
Kyriotes light of spirit-Academy of spiritualknowledge