Trance lecture 2

The green colour 

I have been spoken to you about the nature and the meaning of colour in a practical way to understand the meaning of the colour. When you look of the colour in the nature, it is a gift in itself.
In the nature there is a lot of the green colour and in a material aspect they give oxygen to all lives on mother earth.
But if you go into the etheric field of the green colour, is the purpose of healing. Look a little deeper in the nature, the grass, trees, and you can see that they are in service for us humans and all lives. They give oxygen and all humans need to breath and all lives need oxygen and therefore you can say they are in service.
It gives us the life and it is a healing aspect in that.  When you look at a person and you see the colour of green in the auric field. The person is often in service for other people in a practical way.
If you take the purpose from the green colour from the nature and put that in to the aura field of a person, then you could see that there are often a person who are a healer in a practical way and if you ask them what they work with they are often the doctors and nurses and doctors for the animal kingdom.
So, if you see the green colour in the aura field of a person, the purpose is to be in a service for other people in a practical way.
Healing is more than just healing in a spiritual way, for example, when a child run and fall into the street and hurt themselves a wound of the knee and when you clean the wound of the little knee that is also an healing aspect. 
There is a practical material world but also etheric field of where the purpose are.

Marita Pettersson
Kyriotes light of spirit . Academy of spiritualknowledge
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