The colour of purple

We are looking at the colour of purple and have you noticed that the priests and the churches have taken the colour of purple.
The churches and religions have taken the colour of purple as that belonging to the church, it could be a symbol for a spiritual person but it’s not only the spiritual part in churches, the purple also stand for the power.

I will explain deeper!
When we are going back in time, before rigids system of religions, the colour of purple was not so common.
Why does the colour of purple belong to the churches and the spirit world?
In the Spirit world you do not have that colour intention in that way,  but if you look at paintings of religious symbols, they are often with colour of purple, so humans have an tradition back in history with religions as Christianity and Catholics.
The colour of purple consists of the colour of blue and the colour of red.
The meaning of red colour, is the power of life, strong soul power.
The colour of blue, still your mind, but it is also the colour of truth.
If you look around you, which person have the colour of blue?
Policemen, the justice have the colour of blue and it belongs to the colour of truth. You take your hands on the bible of truth. Nothing but truth, only the truth.
Nurses have in history dresses with blue and white so you can feel that you trust them, they work for the truth and give help to your system.
So, the church men have taken the colour of red who belongs to the power of life, together with the colour of blue, which give you stillness of your mind so you can go to higher dimensions but also stands for the truth.
It is very clever, red and blue together, fantastic mind behind.
Look at the colour of purple and you can feel that it is a spiritual colour. You also receive something behind the purple colour and that is the colour of blue who still your mind, to help you to go to higher vibration and dimensions, you are closer to the spirit world. The colour of red, the power of life.
It is also a very creative colour in your system, as a sensitivity and it can be the eye of the needle between genius and madness and it can be a fine line between them. It is a creative inspiring colour, a beautiful colour.
Priests wear the colour of purple with golden ribbons or gold symbols.
A king has gold with the colour of red.  
Look at flowers with purple colour and it is very special.
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