The colour of red

When you look of the colour of red in the nature what do you see?
Red apples, what more, flowers and lot of flowers are red, berries. The flowers give life to the little hummingbird, bees, and the flowers say, come to me I have the essence of life within me.
I am strong and powerful, I have the life and I give you the life.
You can’t hide the colour of red.
What do you feel when you see a red apple? You want to eat the apple and its often very tasteful. It is full of life and the seeds are in the centre of the apple, hiding in a little house. To keep them in the house as precious gifts.
The colour of red is the power of life, the essence of life.
When you look into the etheric field of the aura field of a person.
What do you think about that person?
Powerful, full of life, inner impulsion. They are often people who want to execute things, they can have their own business, things like that. They are driven of the essence of a strong power within themselves. It can also be more a male colour, most of the males have red in the etheric field, in their DNA.  

But there are also women who has that power of the red colour. If you have that soul power of red, you have that power, that structure within to be driven forward of the purpose of life.
You can see that with people who had a lot of red in the soul colour. You can’t stop them; they are driven of something in the colour of red.
They can’t put things in a corner not to do it! And they can’t stop before they have a result, even if the outcome is not what they want but they driven of a purpose. That’s the colour of red in the essence in a practical way and who have the soul colour of red.
When I was on earth the nature talked to me and to my soul and when I realise that we are connected to each other and to the nature, it gave me deeper understanding about the etheric field.

We can use it in a practical way and the purpose of it, as examples of the trees and the apples. Even if the apples are green, they are in service, given the life for us, that is the healing aspect of it. It is a gift for us, a healing aspect of it.
Even with the seeds in the little house in the centre of the apple, the purpose, is given to us in service.
We receive what is needed to live her on earth. So that is also practical healing aspect of it.
Marita Pettersson
Kyriotes light of spirit - Academy of spiritualknowledge
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