Honeybee and the colour of yellow

Take a walk and be inspired from a little bee who have the colour of yellow, talk to the little honeybee, what is the purpose of life my little bee and why do you have the colour of yellow?
Look at the bee and you can see that they are highly organized, fly to flower to flower to receive the sugar nectar from the flowers. Their purpose is to collect the nectar for the whole society and work tireless. They have knowledge to call to other bees, they have a song so other bees can join in.
When you have a glass of lemonade, we have only one bee and suddenly you have ten bees around you. Isn't that wonderful! They are so organized.
They have so much knowledge, to create honey it is a wonderful creation, wonderful taste and smell from the flowers. The honey is good for your health, when you have a cold, take little honey with warm milk. You can even put honey on wounds and burns. I have study them in my daily life on earth, even if did not like to come so close to them. They are wonderful and I get knowledge from them and the colour of yellow.  
In the colour of yellow You are good practical organized person and your soul is curious and will always search for new knowledge.
Therefore I found colour so interesting when I was on earth.  
Next lecture is the colour of green and red.
Marita Pettersson
Kyriotes light of spirit-Academy of spiritualknowledge
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