Sitting in the power and your mystical organs within
This lecture is about to understand the purpose of sitting in the power and what that really is about.
Sitting in the power it is not a meditation because it is an active process.
 I am going to explain more deepen.
On earth you have the physical side of life, the physical body, the brain, and the thinking mind, belonging to the physical field and you use the material world in the daily life.
You can ask mother earth to give your physical side of you, what is needed.
I am going to explain with help of a healing.
Healing is more about the etheric field, and soul, spirit of you.
When a person receives spiritual healing, it is for the spirit body and it touches the soul and spirit, when the healing touches the soul it starts an awareness of the etheric body.
The etheric body is also within the physical body, but humans have no awareness about the etheric body, its only there.
The etheric body to your physical body, is like a battery to all your systems and to the aura field on a physical level.
When a person receives spiritual healing and the healing touch the soul and spirit in the body, the etheric body become more in a flow and the person can feel something within themselves, it could be a physical reaction from the healing, like a battery, scratching and so on.
It is a reaction for the physical, but when continue the work with healing, the person has the possibility to be more and more aware of something bigger within themselves. Something that touches them and that is the same process as you do in the exercise of sitting in the power.
With help of your breathing you will going thru four steps.
To be more aware of your own soul, tune into the soul and start to get to know your soul, give the soul attention, talk to the soul, start to build the soul power.
Tune into your own spirit
Tune into the awareness of the spiritual world.
You are in the soul and spirit and in the field of the spiritual world,
when you are in the field of the spiritual world, you are not in the thinking mind.
The last is to be aware of the etheric body, to activate that field.
You do not activate your etheric body with your thinking mind, you do it with another mind within. You give an intention to something important within.
I want to know you and when you have done that intention of the etheric body, you going to feel and sense etheric energy within you and this would be something new. The intention starts to grow within in you and after the etheric body have come into your awareness and in your intention, you do not have to do something, it is a natural process.

Etheric awareness of the etheric body is like a little bubble within you and come together with the etheric field in the universe, spiritual world as one.
Your power builds and that is the real power within you. That is the power you should work for, my friends.
When the power in healing touches the soul and spirit, the healing process starts. It is a natural process who starts and that is the etheric body, essence of life, god in you - essence of everything, that we consist of.

When you as a person understand that you have the etheric body and field should you as a medium, healer work within this field with your mediumship and healing. In the awareness of the etheric field as you receive in the sitting in the power.
You understand your physical body, but you have to understand you as whole person.
In sitting in the power, you breathing to the centra of you as a person, solar plexus area, to touch your soul, but also for something more.
You have some interesting organs in that area, who are mystical as a spiritual part of you and the organs have lot of etheric energy, who helps to activate the etheric body within you.
It helps your power to grow and when you start to be aware in that area, a natural process start of the etheric body to flow freely and the organs help you with that.
So, we say seed growing to a plant, you work through your whole body and the great god of the universe.
Marita Pettersson
Trance lecture 5/6-20
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